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Employee Benefits Communication


To prompt immediate action and generate positive results requires a highly tuned marketing or promotional program that reaches the right people, at the right time and with the right message.

A successful program starts with a plan that clearly defines the program's objectives. MPS expertise in direct mail and other Web and Print Communications helps you:

  • Clarify your marketing objectives
  • Analyze your customers' expectations
  • Counter your competition
  • Attain your sales and service goals
  • Leverage your existing customer base

Once the plan is constructed, MPS identifies and recommends the essential components necessary to execute the plan. Some of the core elements of a program plan include:

  • Mailing list(s)
  • Creative design, copy and offer
  • Reply mechanisms
  • Appropriate media channel(s)
  • Distribution and fulfillment
  • Success measurement

Listed below are specific types of programs and promotions that illustrate the range of MPS expertise:

  • Pre-and post-trade show promotions
  • Traffic generation programs
  • Customer acquisition programs
  • Distributor education programs
  • Employee rewards programs
  • VIP customer retention programs
  • Customer "Win-Back" programs

An experienced MPS marketing consultant will be available to assist you throughout the development, testing and refinement phases of the program planning process.

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