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Open Enrollment

Many organizations are looking for ways to save money and one prevalent trend is to minimize paper-based communication. mps|communications views this digital migration as an opportunity to improve your organization's and your employees' use of the open enrollment materials previously contained in the “Big” envelope.

mps|communications incorporates all of your open enrollment communication materials into an interactive digital communication platform (CD or Web) that uses a simplified menu structure similar to website navigation.The advantages of the interactive digital communication platform offer our clients more than just cost savings:

  • Easy Navigation
  • Illustrative Graphs
  • Interactive Links
  • Educational Games
  • Web Capable (optional)
  • Less Postage
  • Relevant Life-Stage Audio Examples (optional)
The interactive digital communication platform provides your employees a highly organized and intuitive reference tool that makes it easier to find and take action on relevant benefits information. Also, the use of the interactive platform in conjunction with other promotional materials, elevates open enrollment to an “event” status and at the same time presents a call to action for your employees. Alternatively, when is the last time you heard any positive feedback about the “Big” envelope?

Schedule a live demo with mps|communications. See how this easy-to-use product enhances your employees' learning experience while delivering powerful, relevant life-stage audio examples which motivate positive action.

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