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Benefits Message Center

Email represents a cost-effective way to communicate benefits information to your employees throughout the year. Using it effectively is an entirely different matter.

mps|communications advocates separating out benefits-related messages to an extranet site dedicated to that sole purpose. Employees are assigned a login and password for the benefits message center account when they are hired and the account is deleted when they terminate employment. The benefits message center system provides the following advantages over the company’s business-related email system.

Minimize impact on IT Promotion
Customization Surveys
Tracking Newsletters

Minimize impact on IT. By moving your benefits-related communication to a dedicated system with separate external hosting, you reduce the impact on your company’s IT systems.

Enjoy the flexibility of sending broadcast messages to the entire company or segment your messages into smaller groups of employees, add interactive elements to grab the reader’s attention and view access reports. These are just some of the features that may have been restricted on the company email server. The benefits message center eliminates all of the headaches by using a separately sourced solution.
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Customization. Build separate relevant messages for different groups of your employee population. Prepare messages for the 50-plus group about catch-up contributions to their 401k Plan while sending a different message to the Gen-X and Y groups about starting to save early for their retirement.

Creating contextual relevance improves comprehension and promotes action. Build and send custom messages with the easy-to-use message manager interface.
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Tracking. Knowing that your messages are getting opened is a critical part in determining the effectiveness of your communication program. The benefits message center reporting tool identifies those portions of your employee population not accessing their account. These employees may prefer some other type of communication besides internet messaging.
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Promotion. Wellness initiatives, health events and countless other programs can be customized and communicated inexpensively. The benefits message center can be used as a stand-alone promotional tool or use it in conjunction with other media channels to engage employees and motivate positive action.
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Surveys. As a separately hosted system, the benefits message center protects the privacy of your employees by using a secure, arms-length third party to administer the survey.

Create and deliver simple or sophisticated survey instruments with statistically significant results. The selection of the respondent sample, construction of the survey and analysis of the results are all approved or completed by Ph.D. level statisticians to maintain the integrity of the data and to ensure statistical significance.
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Newsletters. Allow your employees to select the topics of interest that they most want to read using their benefits message center account preferences menu. Or, they can just leave the default settings provided when their account was created. Click on the Newsletter tab to learn more about mps|communications unique approach to newsletter content.
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