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Benefits Statement

mps|communications understands the Pros and Cons of your Benefits Statement…and we have a Solution for both!

▪ Improved awareness of all benefits
▪ Increased retention
▪ Greater understanding of selections
▪ Better appreciation of your company
▪ No budget!
▪ No time!
▪ No resources!

mps|communications develops a custom Benefits Statement that educates your employees about the value of their Total Compensation package.

The prospect of compiling all of the data sources necessary to produce an accurate benefits statement presents difficult challenges for your HR staff. Reconciling the disparate data from your internal employee database, payroll processor and benefits administrator creates a time-consuming drain on your HR resources.

By applying years of accumulated experience producing benefits statements, mps|communications developed data reconciliation processes that mitigate most data issues. mps|communications runs each separate data source through a sophisticated series of queries. These queries isolate and identify inconsistent data fields early on in the development of your customized benefits statement. The result: more accurate data with a reduction in costly revision cycles.

benefits statement
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