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About mps|communications

mps|communications is a special division of MPS Communication Graphics, Inc. dedicated to employee benefits communication. Whether your organization is small, medium or large, mps|communications provides custom solutions that save your business time, money and resources.


Management Team

Michael SommarMichael Sommar

A successful entrepreneur in the graphics arts industry for almost 30 years, Michael has served as MPS Communication Graphics, Inc. President since its inception in 1995.

His years of experience listening to and solving the problems of clients in the benefits administration industry prompted him to dedicate an entire business unit with a singular mission. Michael created mps|communications as a separate division of MPS Communication Graphics, Inc. to focus solely on employee benefits communication.

Michael firmly believes that most clients may be spending enough on employee benefits communication but not necessarily on the right things. The communication strategy is to identify and evaluate ALL of a client’s current employee benefits communication expenditures. Then, our communications team repurposes those funds to deliver a comprehensive program designed to achieve significant savings in health care costs.


Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller Bruce brings over 25 years of Direct Mail, Document and Database Management experience to mps|communications. During the course of his career, he led technology and operations teams at some of the premier graphics arts institutions in the USA. Organizations such as R.R. Donnelley & Sons, Banta and Harte-Hanks benefited greatly from Bruce’s expertise in data analysis and programming.

At mps|communications, Bruce applies his considerable talent to the creation of solutions for employee benefits communication data. He views his solutions as addressing our clients “pain” points.

For example, Bruce recognizes the challenge of producing an accurate benefits statement for your employees. Typically, data files come from your payroll processor, benefits administrator and your own legacy system with different data formats, discrepancies and inaccuracies. Bruce’s solution: Process each of the files through a series of structured queries developed specifically to reconcile employee-related data. The result: earlier identification and resolution of data issues that reduce the iterative revision cycles later on that drives up costs.

Finally, Bruce understands what’s at stake for the client when it comes to handling employee benefits communication data. There is zero tolerance for errors. Whether it is sensitive information on a benefits statement or mailing the CEO’s confirmation letter to some other employee, his processes make your “pain” points go away. In short, you want Bruce to manage your employee benefits communication data!


Brian SommarBrian Sommar

Brian represents the creative “bridge” within mps|communications. His 25-plus years of graphic arts experience include positions that ranged from Art Director to Executive Director of Advertising Production and Monthly Operations. At mps|communications, Brian combines his 10 years of operational experience at TV Guide with his formal training in design to develop systems and processes that create products such as the interactive digital communication platform for open enrollment.

As a project management practitioner, his approach to design marries the core processes of project management with fundamental principles of marketing. The creation of this “bridge” between these two different disciplines is what drives the design effort to achieve the stated business goals of the project.

Brian believes that the key to successful employee benefits communication starts with the assessment and analysis phases of the project. Clearly defined business goals and measurements of success create the foundation for the entire employee benefits communication program.

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